[vtk-developers] [new tree] what happened to vtkImplicitModeller :)

Sebastien BARRE sebastien at barre.nom.fr
Wed Jun 20 22:53:10 EDT 2001

At 21/06/2001 01:11, Sebastien BARRE wrote:
>At 21/06/2001 00:06, John Biddiscombe wrote:
>>>Sorry, we are removing it and I must have forgotten to remove it from
>>>the CMakeLists.txt file. Go ahead and remove it from the file and
>>>commit. Its functionality is all in vtkWin32OpenGLRenderWindow now.
>>Whilst you're at it, there are dependency problems with
>>need vtkMergePoints. My local cmakelists has them commented out, I didn't 
>>look to see where problem was (ie which lib was missing)
>yes, I know, there are also pb with the ImplicitModeler needing 
>I'll see what I can do.


Sorry, but I'm having some difficulties to understand why 
vtkImplicitModeller moved from Graphics/ to Imaging/.

To fix that I had to introduce a new dependency in Imaging, as it now 
depends on class found in Graphics (vtkImplicitModeller needs 
vtkClipPolyData for example). I thought we were trying to avoid this. 

I had to to this for IO/ too, because (as John pointed), some classes 
needed vtkMergePoints. But  as these classes are Readers, and as readers 
have always been in IO/ (to my knowledge), I do not understand why we step 
into this error just now...

I've added vtkGraphics to LINK_LIBRARIES (...). I've also modified the 
TARGET_LINK_LIBRARIES for the Tcl, Java and Python parts, but the new tree 
builds fine without vtkGraphicsTcl, vtkGraphicsJava or vtkGraphicsPython in 
IO/ or Imaging/. Ken, this is not the first time I notice that libs put in 
TARGET_LINK_LIBRARIES have no influence on the Windows build. Could you 
please clarify me that point ? Is it mandatory on the Unix side ?

The new tree builds fine on my computer... except for the Python Tk 
Widgets, which fail because John did some tweaking on the Tcl/Tk 
dependencies (good indeed), but forgot the Python part :)) So I guess I'm 
the only one here building the Python wrappers for the new tree ? :) Fixed :)

I've committed the changes.

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