[vtk-developers] suggestion for vtkMultiThreader.cxx

Simon Warfield warfield at bwh.harvard.edu
Mon Jun 4 22:43:01 EDT 2001

vtkMultiThreader.cxx in some places uses a strategy of starting 
this->NumberOfThreads-1 additional threads to run work in separate threads
and runs a pthread_join to wait for these jobs to complete.

  The thread running the pthread_join is suspended until the thread it is
waiting for finishes.  If there are this->NumberOfThreads CPUs available
for work then running only this->NumberOfThreads-1 jobs wastes wallclock time.
  It would be better to run this->NumberOfThreads of jobs.

vtkMultiThreader.cxx lines 322-341:
  // Using POSIX threads
  // We want to use pthread_create to start this->NumberOfThreads-1 additional
  // threads which will be used to call this->SingleMethod(). The
  // parent thread will also call this routine.  When it is done,
  // it will wait for all the children to finish.
  // First, start up the this->NumberOfThreads-1 processes.  Keep track
  // of their process ids for use later in the pthread_join call

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