[vtk-developers] Major failure

David Gobbi dgobbi at irus.rri.on.ca
Tue Feb 13 18:05:26 EST 2001

Just a quick extra note on this:  

The C++ libs will build if VTK_REMOVE_LEGACY_CODE is set, but the wrappers
won't (because the wrapper parser ignores the #ifdefs in the .h files).  

I hacked a quick fix for the parser that wasn't fit for commit, just to
make sure that there weren't any unresolved symbols lying around (turns
out I committed it by mistake anyway, and had to revert it).

 - David

On Tue, 13 Feb 2001, John Biddiscombe wrote:

> David et al,
> >Just last night (for us folks in the Toronto/New York timezone) I found &
> >fixed the inconsistancies in VTK_LEGACY_CODE between the .cxx and .h
> >files (including the vtkAssembly one you note below).  So you might want
> >to download and try again.
> Thanks. After playing around for a bit, I checked the continuous results 
> dashboard and saw your 23 or thereabouts additions. did an update and a 
> full rebuild and all is fine again. Looks as though the compiler or linker 
> got confused by entries in the .h and .cxx being inconsistent (as I used 
> the legacy flag) and got some addresses munged up.
> thanks again
> JB

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