[vtk-developers] Data structures in VTK

Andy Cedilnik Andy.Cedilnik at kitware.com
Fri Dec 28 10:41:25 EST 2001

Hello All,

Recently I needed for a related project hash table and a dynamic array.
Since STL is not very portable, VTK does not use STL at all. However,
if you look through VTK's source code, you will find several different
implementation of these data structures. For example hash table is
implemented in vtkDebugLeaks, vtkInstatiator vtkJavaUtil, etc.

I suggest we add to VTK some generic data structures such as hash
table, array list and linked list. These classes would not get wrapped
and would be only used internally for VTK's classes and potentially
for other projects that use VTK.

Thank you.

			Andy Cedilnik

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