[vtk-developers] *vtkMy* : building modules outside VTK 4.0 tree (was RE: vtkLocal in 15 Easy Steps)

Sebastien BARRE sebastien.barre at kitware.com
Wed Dec 19 20:59:42 EST 2001

At 12/19/2001 01:10 PM, Sebastien BARRE wrote:

>=> Today, I will create a full-fledged example (and post it to the CVS) on 
>how to build a local directory with your own classes, using whatever VTK 
>build dir, and without modifying any of the VTK files.

It took me longer than expected but I've posted a first attempt toward an 
example of out-of-source local build.

It's in the CVS, under VTK/Examples/Build/vtkMy

This vtkMy directory can be used to start your own VTK local class 
repository (provided that you copy it to a different location and remove 
all CVS subdirs).

Have a look at the README.
This example definitely needs some more documentation, but I'm waiting for 
your feedback :)

It has been tested under Windows (Msdev and Nmake mode), Linux, in both 
static and shared lib modes. It includes 3 dummy classes and 2 short 
examples (in C++ and Tcl). Do not forget to include the build dir to your 
PATH and the Wrapping/Tcl dir to TCLLIBPATH).

You will need CMake >= 1.0 (which is also mandatory for VTK 4.0 anyway).

We are working on remaining issues, mainly to make this example work with 
an installed VTK (i.e. either built than installed, or installed from a 
binary distribution). Unix users should update their VTK CVS (or VTK 4.0 
CVS) to get the required modifications if they are in that situation. The 
Windows binary installation will be modified in the same way (to include 
the vtkWrapTcl.exe, vtkWrapPython.exe executables, modify the UseVTK.cmake, 

Hope this helps

Sebastien Barre

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