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Lorensen, William E (CRD) lorensen at crd.ge.com
Mon Dec 10 07:04:52 EST 2001

We are working to establish a Continuous that is as informative as the old one.


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> http://public.kitware.com/dashboard.php

It does all look very nice, but there's too much information for me and not
what I wanted to know.(which was simply, who checked in what, did it break
anything and what was the brief log entry)

Since the continuous results page is dead ...can someone tell me (I've tried
every combination, but all I ever get is garbage)...how to do a cvs log
which will give me a synopis like the
"Changes this month" files used to give. ie brief log entry and file name.
Then I can set up a batch file I can run which will give me X days of logs
in concise form.

many thanks


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