[vtk-developers] Porting of VTK to Mac OS X

Ken Martin ken.martin at kitware.com
Tue Nov 28 17:41:16 EST 2000

>Anyway, my analysis so far is that porting VTK to OS X can be done in two
>1. Get X11/GLX is running on OS X. Then ³porting² VTK is simply a re-compile
>with a couple of changes to deal with the quirks of OS X ( for example
>configure never understands dynamic libs on OS X are .dylib)
>There are two possibilities here as well. The easiest and most expensive is
>to use Xtools from Tenon , a commercial port of X11R6 including FULL
>hardware accelerated OpenGL integration. The cheapest and most time
>consuming is to use a freeware X11 implementation and Mesa. This will not
>give you hardware OpenGL (yet)
>   2. Integrate VTK into  the Cocoa/Quartz environment using native Cocoa

Seems to me that approach 2, while more difficult will be the more general 
and better integrated approach. There should only be a few files that need 
to be created for Cocoa. Even having limited functionality would be good 
then we can flesh out the rest over time.

- Ken

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