Ken Martin ken.martin at kitware.com
Mon May 8 14:02:57 EDT 2000

www.visualizationtoolkit.org is now live. It is an alias for 
public.kitware.com and very little has been set up, but it is live. So you 
can now checkout vtkdata and vtkbaseline (sp) from

cvs -d :pserver:yourname at www.visualizationtoolkit.org:/vtk/cvsroot login

cvs -d :pserver:yourname at www.visualizationtoolkit.org:/vtk/cvsroot checkout 

for example. Right now the data and baseline and ftp are there. There is 
also an empty web site. Next week I want to move the source code there as 
well so we can finally shut down vtk.scorec.rpi.edu.

- Ken

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