[vtk-developers] Please proceed..

John Biddiscombe jbiddiscombe at skippingmouse.co.uk
Fri Dec 15 20:04:10 EST 2000

>We've cut the release-3-2 branch. If any bugs are found, changes are made, 

Might be worth noting that pcmaker fails with a Borland compiler.I've not 
tried with the "standard" vtkdll, but compiling the vtktcl.dll is a no-no.

The reason I tried it was because my Borland makefile generator can't link 
to tk82.lib despite great efforts on my part to force it to. So I guessed 
that pcmaker would have some different flags and work. (I'd appreciate 
clues, most functions in tk82 have underscores and are extern C, but 
TkChildWinProc is different and keeps barfing my linker, I'm trying to get 
my program in a state where I can release it for general use).

In fact I found multiple bugs in makefiles made by pcmaker for Borland, but 
since you are going to dump it all and use your new cmake thing anyway...


Incidentally, I'd appreciate a warning if the new makefile generation is 
going to dump existing makefile.in files as I use them heavily.

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