[vtk-developers] Pending Release & windows installer

David Gobbi dgobbi at irus.rri.on.ca
Mon Dec 11 12:47:24 EST 2000


I'm not sure who is handling the Windows installer for VTK now, but
there are two files that I'd like to see added to vtkXXPython.EXE
installer.  They are

vtk/python/install.py     a script that lets Python know where the
                          vtk-python scripts are, the user just has
                          to double-click it once

vtk/python/python.txt     a description of the python wrappers

If someone could add these files before the 3.2 release, I would be
very grateful.

 - David

  David Gobbi, MSc                    dgobbi at irus.rri.on.ca
  Advanced Imaging Research Group
  Robarts Research Institute, University of Western Ontario

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