[vtk-developers] Pending release... (precompiled headers)

Sebastien BARRE sebastien at barre.nom.fr
Fri Dec 8 11:25:54 EST 2000

At 29/11/2000 09:26, Will Schroeder wrote:

>It's way past time to create another formal release: vtk3.2. We are going 
>to cut a branch
>shortly. Please do not check in big changes at this time until the branch 
>is cut, it should
>be within the week. (Yes, I know there are lots of little things to add, 
>but it's so long since
>the last release, and the dashboard is very stable right now. Any more 
>delay at this point
>is to be avoided.)

Speaking of "new release", is there any possibility that, in a near (or may 
be *very* near) future we might see the following 6 lines on top of all 
*.cxx files (right after the copyright issues, and before the #include) ?

#ifdef USE_PCH
#  ifdef _MSC_VER
#    include "vtkPrecompiledHeaders.h"
#    pragma hdrstop
#  endif

It would be up to the user to provide a vtkPrecompiledHeaders.h file, and 
maybe an additional -I directive to find it in a specific place.  As I said 
before, I already wrote a Perl script that build a vtkPrecompiledHeaders.h 
file made of #include directives corresponding to the most included headers.

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