long message - double support, notifications, user feedback

Will Schroeder will.schroeder at kitware.com
Tue Apr 25 06:37:45 EDT 2000

Hi John-

A thought on point #1: can't you use MakeObject() ? This method (a 
"virtual" constructor creates another object as the same type as the 
calling object, like so:

   newPts = (vtkPoints *) inPts->MakeObject();

(this is taken from vtkExtractGrid). Then the output type will be the same 
as the input type.


>My main concern is that many many filters create an output points array
>which is VTK_FLOAT and so any data I send in gets irretrievably munged.
>Really all filters which generate PointSet or derived classes should use the
>same resolution for their outputs as for their inputs - unless there's a
>good reason!. (ignoring multiple input filters for now!).
>I'd like to add a function along the lines of
>in vtkPolyDataSource (pointSetSource?)
>which will examine the inputs and create a points array with the correct
>type ready for the output.

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