ANSI C++ and VTK

Will Schroeder will.schroeder at
Thu Apr 20 09:49:44 EDT 2000

Hi John-

At 01:23 PM 4/20/00 +0100, John Biddiscombe wrote:
>Would the STL usage go so far as to make
>a subclass of vector<int>
>for example?

No. That would REQUIRE that you build ANSI compatible, and we don't want to require that for a while, maybe a year or two. There are still too many non-ANSI compilers out there. What we're doing just means that you can build ANSI in case you have your own classes you want to implement with STL, or are trying to link with an ANSI library, etc.

At some point we'll start introducing some more advanced C++ features...maybe templating the vtkDataArray subclasses, collections, etc, but slowly, and only where it makes sense.


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