proposal: eliminate hints file

Ken Martin ken.martin at
Mon Apr 10 09:22:38 EDT 2000

Hey David,

Why would this cut down on the build time? Savings due to not having to 
parse the hints every time? Just curious what the angle is.

- Thanks
- Ken

>For those people who either access vtk through cvs and/or write
>your own vtk classes, I have a proposal that would really cut
>down on build time: move all of the info in the vtk/wrap/hints
>file into the individual header files.
>This could be done with a set of typedefs in vtkSetGet.h that the wrappers
>could recognize:
>typedef float *vtkfloat2;
>typedef float *vtkfloat3;
>typedef double *vtkdouble4;
>A declaration with a return-type hint would look like e.g.
>vtkfloat3 IntersectWithLine(const float p1[3], const float p2[3],
>                             const normal[3], const origin[3])
>This function would automatically be wrapped to return 3 floats,
>and the .html docs would translate 'vtkfloat3' back into 'float *'
>or possibly into 'float[3]' (which is more informative, but not
>absolutely correct).
>Any thoughts?
>  - David
>   David Gobbi, MSc                    dgobbi at
>   Advanced Imaging Research Group
>   Robarts Research Institute, University of Western Ontario
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