Lisa Sobierajski Avila lisa.avila at kitware.com
Fri Apr 7 13:42:05 EDT 2000

Hello David,

If I remember correctly I think there was some issue with having this 
method wrapped - because it is hidden in the subclasses by creating a 
method of the same name with a different return type. I guess if there is 
no problem with removing the //BTX //ETX then go ahead.


At 12:36 PM 4/7/00, David Gobbi wrote:
>Hi Lisa,
>I would like to remove the //BTX //ETX from vtkMapper::GetInput().
>The reason: with vtkPicker, it is possible to query the vtkDataSet
>of the picked actor, but I need to query the data of all the
>actors in the vtkPicker::GetActors() collection.
>Allowing people to use
>set dataset [[actor GetMapper] GetInput]
>seems like a more elegant solution than modifying vtkPicker.  I'm
>asking you about this because, according to the CVS logs, you
>were the one who added vtkMapper::GetInput().
>  - David
>   David Gobbi, MSc                    dgobbi at irus.rri.on.ca
>   Advanced Imaging Research Group
>   Robarts Research Institute, University of Western Ontario

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