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Hi Jim--

Responses inline.

On Wed, Sep 15, 2021 at 8:11 AM Jim Keeting <jim.keeting at gmail.com> wrote:

> 1. I saw VIRAT Video Dataset Release 2.0/VIRAT Ground Dataset/annotations/VIRAT_S_000003.viratdata.objects.txt
> has objects of type "0" what does this refer to, as the documentation
> suggests the objects types are 1-7?
Having looked at the objects in question, they seem to be static boxes that
attempt to mark out the background -- they roughly mark out the grass,
asphalt, sidewalk, and building. My guess is that they were a preliminary
attempt at representing background classes that never came to fruition and
were not removed from the dataset before release.

> 2. For a given event or frame, are all people always labelled in the
> scene, or just a subselection relevant to the event? Was wondering if there
> is any way to select frames where all people have been annotated.

The VIRAT ground camera data has been annotated twice: once in 2010 as part
of the original CVPR paper, and again in 2017 for the IARPA DIVA program.
In the original CVPR paper, moving objects were tracked, and associated
with any of the VIRAT activities that occurred during motion. (In other
words, they might be annotated as movers without being associated with
other activities.) If they were stationary, they were not annotated. These
are the annotations in the Release 2.0 directory.

For the DIVA effort (on VIRAT data), persons and vehicles were tracked all
the time, whether or not they were moving or stationary. These annotations
are available at https://gitlab.kitware.com/viratdata/viratannotations .
(Note that this annotation approach differs from the DIVA annotations on
the MEVA data at mevadata.org, where we only annotated actors who were
participating in defined DIVA events.)

> 3. To download the dataset I tried the MIDAS software and server with:
> http://midas.kitware.com/api/rest URL but it rejected authentication
> despite having an account. I can download via the website at
> https://data.kitware.com/ but cannot find an easy way to download the
> whole dataset as if one downloads the whole connection it results in the
> connection terminating before the download is completed or a corrupted .7z
> archive, whereas I can manually download them one-by-one but there are too
> many items to download one by one.
I believe this is due to the mechanisms ensuring downloaders have agreed to
the ground camera data usage agreement. One potential workaround is to
create and upload fewer-but-larger tarballs of the videos; I'll look into
this and update when I have more information.

I hope this helps; let us know if you have any other questions.


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