[Viratdata] VIRAT Dataset clarifications

Jim Keeting jim.keeting at gmail.com
Wed Sep 15 08:11:40 EDT 2021

Just a few questions I'd be grateful for any support with.

1. I saw VIRAT Video Dataset Release 2.0/VIRAT Ground
has objects of type "0" what does this refer to, as the documentation
suggests the objects types are 1-7?

2. For a given event or frame, are all people always labelled in the scene,
or just a subselection relevant to the event? Was wondering if there is any
way to select frames where all people have been annotated.

3. To download the dataset I tried the MIDAS software and server with:
http://midas.kitware.com/api/rest URL but it rejected authentication
despite having an account. I can download via the website at
https://data.kitware.com/ but cannot find an easy way to download the whole
dataset as if one downloads the whole connection it results in the
connection terminating before the download is completed or a corrupted .7z
archive, whereas I can manually download them one-by-one but there are too
many items to download one by one.

Thank you,

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