[Viame] VIAME Meeting Release Schedule

Matt Dawkins matt.dawkins at kitware.com
Wed Mar 8 14:39:00 EST 2017

Here's our planned milestones leading up to the hackathon/AIASI meeting and
what they'll include:

3/11/17 - Preliminary source release
-Documentation on how to do everything showed in the last TCON demo for
both Linux/Windows on github page
-Assorted windows improvements [most already landed in master last few
days: fixes build errors introduced 3 weeks ago, added early cmake error
displayed when non-working packages on windows enabled]. 2 more items still
need to land. We'll try to keep the VIAME 'master' branch building on
windows in the future as we had a tendency to merge devel branches that
caused assorted build issues since they were developed primarily on Linux.
-Refined examples folder (merge pipeline and examples folder for reduced

3/23/15 - Updated source and binary release
-Land new feature branches (better training interface, etc...)
-More documentation
-Generate pre-built binaries for Windows/Ubuntu (also make a cmake option
that lets anyone build these binaries), upload to internet.

Clarifications from TCON
-David from SRI asked if wrapping binaries or source is preferred - source
is always preferred since it allows people to try building on your plugin
on their platform of choice (matters more for linux). It also prevents you
have from having to build binaries.
-If anyone wants to work on integration before the hackathon you're welcome
to push up a branch and we can help out on integration or recommend


Matthew Dawkins
Senior R&D Engineer
Kitware, Inc
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