[Tangelo-users] Announcing Tangelo 0.9

Roni Choudhury roni.choudhury at kitware.com
Tue Mar 3 15:41:11 EST 2015

We are pleased to announce that Tangelo 0.9 has been released and can be
downloaded from the Python Package Index, or installed by issuing a command
similar to:

    pip install -U tangelo

The main behavioral change to be aware of is that Tangelo no longer behaves
as a general web server, dynamically serving content from all home
directories.  Instead, it now serves a single application directory, which
leads to a more secure, more focused "application driver" behavior.

Also, Tangelo now serves the current directory by default.  To serve the
example applications, invoke Tangelo with "tangelo --examples".

See the full list of changes below, and read updated documentation [0] for
in-depth discussion.

As always, please don't hesitate to contact us with questions and concerns
[1], or file issues on GitHub [2].


[0] http://tangelo.readthedocs.org/en/v0.9/
[1] tangelo-users at public.kitware.com
[2] https://github.com/Kitware/tangelo/issues

- Improvements to style testing
- Improvements to coverage testing
- Serverside and command line version tests
- New security features: by default Tangelo no longer serves directory
  Python source code, and web service configuration files
- ``--examples`` flag causes example applications to be served; default web
  is now ``.`` (i.e. directory from which Tangelo was invoked)
- SQLAlchemy-based visualization tutorial
- Plugins can now be specified without a path, causing Tangelo to look for a
  bundled plugin of that name
- New ``tangelo-pkgdata`` executable reports filesystem path to Tangelo

- Cross-platform generation of ``tangelo`` and ``tangelo-passwd`` executable
  files (tested on Linux, Windows, and OS X)
- Loosened dependency requirement on CherryPy
- System path is no longer modified to make service module available to
  system; instead, the current working directory is changed to that of the
service file
- Configuration file is now typechecked at load time, including reporting of
  unexpected options, with errors resulting in fail-fast
- Plugins are now specified in the ``plugins`` entry of the main
- Plugins no longer require an ``enabled`` property; all plugins listed in
  configuration file will be loaded
- Build process uses ``setuptools`` instead of ``distutils``
- Example webpage and bundled plugins are now treated as package data (i.e.,
  stored directly in ``site-packages``, etc.)

- Service of web content from home directories
- ``tangelo.abspath()`` - web services should instead use
  ``tangelo.server.analyze_url()`` to learn the disk path for a given web
- ``systemd`` support materials, as well as plans to provide other system
  service helpers

- ``tangelo.plugin_config()`` works
- Python module path behaves correctly in plugin web directories
- ``tangelo.server.analyze()`` works better, especially for plugin
- Informational log output now goes unilaterally to ``sys.stderr`` while
  logs go to ``sys.stdout``
- Nodelink example fixed so that contents are visible
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