[Paraview] Paraview Python best practise?

Shuhao Wu shuhao at shuhaowu.com
Fri Jun 23 12:44:45 EDT 2017


I was wondering if there are any sort of general best practise when 
writing Python based Paraview scripts for visualizations. From the 
materials I've gathered, everything feels very much like mutating a 
global state machine, which might not be the best if you want to turn 
certain actions into a library/general utility executable. What are the 
best practises in this regard?

Furthermore, is there a way to specify ProgrammableFilter not as strings 
but in a file that you import and invoke? Judging from the source code 
it doesn't appear this is an ability that comes out of the box as it 
just spins up a python interpreter with that string. I've tried to 
create a function and them execute it, but this only works under 
pvpython, not with the python shell in the Paraview GUI. What are the 
best practises for this, as well?


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