[Paraview] Trouble building the ParaView sources

Rob Groner rob.groner at psu.edu
Fri Jun 23 11:06:34 EDT 2017

Thank you for the help, Jutta.

When you say "There are many of them, takes some time"...do you mean
hours?  So far I've tried running ccmake and cmake-gui and executing
the configure, but once it starts doing that, I see absolutely no
indication that it is doing anything else.  Nothing prints to the
screen, "top" doesn't show that cmake is using any CPU, and when I use
cmake-gui, the little progress bar does not move.

If it's that slow of a process, than I can just leave it for a day and
come back, but it seems more likely that something is wrong.


On Fri, 2017-06-23 at 10:17 +0000, Dreer, Jutta wrote:
> Hi Rob,
> I did not install 5.4 so far, only 5.2. But I have a hint for the
> last of your questions that might help:
> When calling ccmake, the cache is always empty in the beginning. The
> first action you should initiate is to type "c" (abbreviation of
> "configure"). This will trigger ccmake to read all CMakeLists.txt
> files in the software tree (there are many of them, takes some time).
> These describe the installation with all its variables. After that
> you should see all the variables.
> If your cache is still empty, maybe you did not specify the correct
> directory for ccmake. You should specify the top level directory
> which contains a CMakeLists.txt file. For Paraview 5.2 this was a
> directory Paraview-5.2.0 at the top level of the software tree after
> unpacking. So maybe instead of ../src you need some ../src/Paraview-
> 5.4....(whatever version number).
> As soon as you see the cache variables, you can change them, then
> again choose "configure", then "generate". After that you are
> prepared to initiate a run of "make" or whatever is necessary for
> further installation.
> Good Luck
> Best Regards
> Jutta Dreer
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> Betreff: [Paraview] Trouble building the ParaView sources
> Hello,
> I'm trying to build the paraview sources.  I downloaded the 5.4.0
> sources, and I'm using Fedora 25 Workstation.
> I've read through the README.md that's in the root directory, and
> that leads me to Documentation/dev/build.md.
> Going through these steps:
> 1) I've verified cmake is on my system and in the PATH.
> 2) I've verified qt is installed, and is version 4.8.7
> 3) Compiler and Build tool:
> Here's where issues begin.  Since I'm using Fedora/yum, the packages
> don't directly translate.
> I've verified or installed the following packages from the list:
> cmake
> git
> python-dev
> freeglut3-dev
> autoconf
> libtool
> bison
> flex
> ninja-build
> But I can't seem to find these:
> mesa-common-dev
> mesa-utils
> libhdf5-serial-dev
> (I did notice that some mesa packages were installed when freeglut
> was)
> I continued on to see how much farther I could get, and the next step
> immediately stumped me:
> sudo python get-pip.py
> That returns a "no get-pip.py found" error.  I've verified no get-
> pip.py file is in the ParaView sources (or anywhere else on the
> system), so I'm missing something here.
> I still continued on, and ran into another issue.  The "Run CMake"
> step references a src and build directory.  I understand that it is
> talking about the previous step using git to "Retrieve the source",
> but I downloaded them as a single .tar.gz file from the website
> instead. 
> Looking at the git sources, they appear to be the same files and
> structure as what is in the .tar.gz, so I just put the extracted
> contents of the archive into a "src" dir, and create a "build" dir at
> the same level.
> I then execute:  ccmake ../src
> CMake does come up, but instead of seeing the 3 variables shown in
> the README, I see just "EMPTY CACHE".
> Any additional help or guidance would be appreciated.  Thank you.
> Rob
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