[Paraview] Paraview not responding after hibernation on Windows

Lev Karatun lev.karatun at gmail.com
Wed Jun 21 14:32:20 EDT 2017

I don't think the message went through, resending. (if it did, sorry for
multiple emails)

Best regards,
Lev Karatun.

2017-06-21 14:28 GMT-04:00 Lev Karatun <lev.karatun at gmail.com>:

> Hi,
> I have a problem with Paraview 5.* -- when I open it originally it works
> fine, but if I put my laptop in hibernate and then wake it, Paraview
> doesn't respond. The problem seems to exist with all 5.* versions (I tried
> about 5 of them) and does not exist on any versions before 5.*. Currently
> I'm using 4.3.1 and it works fine. My OS is Windows 8.1. Let me know if you
> need any more info.
> Thanks!
> Best regards,
> Lev Karatun.
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