[Paraview] Diagrams displayed on sections in 3D

Matthias Preisig mpreisig at geomod.ch
Tue Jun 20 04:23:26 EDT 2017

My question is related to a typical problem occurring in postprocessing 
of finite element results for shell elements. Usually one would like to 
display sectional forces as diagrams, but plotted directly onto the 3D 
shell model, as in https://ibb.co/irp2v5.

I can imagine that it should be feasible to create a paraview filter 
that can do the following:
- create a plane as in the clip/cut filter
- select the component to display (membrane force x/y/magnitude, 
moments, shear force etc)
- scale the diagram appropriately

Similar functionality would be useful for beam/truss results, 
visualizing forces along the elements.

I'm quite sure that I'm not the first one with such a demand. Does 
anyone know of a paraview plugin that would accomplish this?

Thanks and best regards

Ingénieur civil EPFL/SIA / Dr ès sciences EPFL
Geomod SA
Ch. des Epinettes 32
1007 Lausanne
079 7657226

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