[Paraview] Paraview segfault on (orthographic) slice view

Vogel Dorian dorian.vogel at fhnw.ch
Mon Jun 19 07:18:38 EDT 2017

Hi all,

I've had a serious issue since last week now:

Whenever I visualize a polygonal Mesh in the Slice View or orthogonal slice view:

- in slice view: Paraview crashes as soon as I click on any of the slice cursors to grab it to another position.

- in orthographic slice view: I can scroll in one direction on each of the slice views, however, when I scroll in the second direction, Paraview crashes.

Version 5.3 compiled from source was working fine until I hit this error, I suspected a package upgrade to be the source of the problem, and downgraded Mesa (17.1.2-1 -> 17.1.1-1) and the Intel driver on laptop (17.1.2-1 -> 17.1.1-1) however, this did not help, and I am sure Paraview 5.3 used to work on those versions of mesa and Intel driver.


-laptop (Archlinux) using Intel IGP or Nvidia discrete GPU using open-source driver (DRI_PRIME). Crash can be reproduced on both GPU.

-desktop (Majaro, Arch based): using Nvidia GPU, proprietary driver.

Please find attached the gdb traces. I just started Paraview with each GPU, created a box, created a orthographic slice view, and tried to scroll.

Did anyone else observe that ?

Best regards,

Dorian Vogel
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