[Paraview] adding layer from another data set

Wanying Wang wanying at utexas.edu
Mon Jun 12 01:05:06 EDT 2017

Hi guys,

I'm new to paraview and right now working on visualization of a 3D global
data of the earth in vtu format.

While visualizing this vtu file is pretty straight forward, I'm not sure
how to add a layer of continental plate boundaries (polygons) to the
earth's surface in paraview.

The data of the surface plate boundaries can be in .txt or .nc format. It
is 2D, containing the location in terms of latitude and longitude.

I learnt that paraview uses xyz coordinate, so I guess I need to convert
the coordinate information. But I'm very lost regarding the data
formatting, and how to add the layer in the software.

Could anyone point me to the best way of plotting this, including the data
format, file type, and steps? Thanks a lot!!

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