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Scott, W Alan wascott at sandia.gov
Thu Jun 1 12:28:39 EDT 2017

Not sure if this is your question, but this is for data with modal data, listed under the advanced properties tab as Mode Shapes.  These datasets include an array of field data called (I believe) EigenFrequency.  Only way I have been able to see these values is in the spreadsheet.  I believe my user wants to annotate this onto the 3d view.

I have a dataset I could send you, if you like.


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Can you remind me what this frequency corresponds to? I don't see any API on the reader to get something called "modal frequency" :).


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I don’t think so.  I have gone back to 4.4.0.  ParaView has the same controls now as then.


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Hmm. I could have sworn that at one point the frequency was displayed in the properties panel next to the Mode Shape slider bar. Maybe we lost that during one of our properties panel redesigns. (Or maybe I’m misremembering.)


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Subject: [EXTERNAL] [Paraview] Annotate Modal Data

Is it possible to display modal frequency while animating mode shape in the ParaView?



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