[Paraview] This is how to run paraview in a cave passive stereo..possible active

Terry Jordan tejj at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 25 11:52:44 EDT 2005

I assume you could run it in active stereo also if you skip the 
quad-buffered part.

Here are the steps to running in a cave environment in passive stereo.

For linux:

1) Setup your rendering node(s) to run quad-buffered stereo (nvidia 
cards:yes ATI:N/A)
2) Download paraview 2.0.3 (anything above has a problem with hanging).
paraview-2.0.3/VTK/Rendering/VTKRenderWindow.cxx and make install.
4) Copy the installed paraview dir to all nodes.
3) Create a valid pvx file.
4) Run pvserver either using mpi or for a single machine controlled by 
another use pvserver alone: mpirun -np # -machinefile youfile  
/location/pvserver /locationyourfile.pvx OR pvserver /location/your.pvx
5) From the host run pvclient with the stereo option: pvclient -sh=yourhost 
6) Scale your model accordingly. (important in allowing model/data to appear 
in front of screen)

Thats it.


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