[Nirfast] Questions in tutorial 1 (Imaging a mouse brain tumor )

Shanshan Cai cais at usc.edu
Mon Oct 7 16:41:10 EDT 2019

Hi All,

I am going through the tutorial 1. The MatLab version I am using is R2017_a
and I download the latest NIRFAST 9.1 MATLAB via Github. I started from the
NIRFAST MATLAB and calibration step(step 10&11). After I finish the setting
and press the button "Done", the Software and the MatLab seem stuck and
nothing is generated in the current folder. I also try to press the button
"Run" in the Main panel. There is no file been created either.  I am
wondering whether I missed something in the tutorial or the waiting
time(~10 min) is still too short for the calibration. Actually, I don't
know if the process is done or not, since there is no sign to show if the
program is still running.
The same thing happens when I test the reconstruction(step 12). Could you
please help me out with this? Thanks for your help.

Best regards,
Shanshan Cai
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