[Na-mic-project-week] Summer project week 2014 - Which version of Slicer ?

Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin jchris.fillionr at kitware.com
Sun Jun 22 03:57:04 EDT 2014

Hi Slicers,

As indicated few weeks ago [1], we recommend that developers come prepared
with a build of the trunk and stick with it (working in their own github
branch) unless and until they know they need a fix from the trunk.

That said, if you would like the latest or don't have checked out and built
Slicer yet, Slicer r23357 is known to compile on Linux, MacOSX and Windows.

As a reminder, to obtain Slicer source follow instruction in [2] and then
to checkout r23357, simply type:

   git reset --hard c5a498e15b

For reference, build instruction are reported in [3]

Have a good weekend,



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