[KWWidgets] VolView 3.2 use KWWidgets?

Steve Pieper pieper at bwh.harvard.edu
Fri Feb 19 09:26:14 EST 2010

Hi Dean -

Yes, that's our plan, but the effort is just getting underway.

The plan is to use this site:


There's a wish list for the widgets here:


Here's what we have so far:


But there's a lot of work to be done to catch up with what Sebastien and 
the team have done over the last many years of KWWidget development.

In particular, the volume rendering property interface will be a pretty 
big project.

It would be great to join forces on this and build up some nice general 
purpose functionality.


On F/19/10 9:15 AM, Dean Inglis wrote:
> Is there any thought or plan to pull qCTKWidgets out of
> the Slicer repository and make it a stand alone repository like
> KWWidgets?
> Dean
>> Now fast forward again, Slicer3 is a successful project, a lot was
>> learned from developing it, and we decided last year that we would
>> start porting Slicer3 to Qt. This won't happen overnight, but
>> ultimately it will. The new license is indeed much better, and Kitware
>> is already switching internal products to Qt; we now have a lot of
>> developers with enough experience to create medical applications using
>> this toolkit. It is more powerful, it is well supported, has much more
>> documentation, etc. Here is the page summing up KWWidgets vs. Qt in
>> the context of Slicer3:
>> http://www.slicer.org/slicerWiki/index.php/Qt_in_Slicer3
>> The good news is that all the widgets that are useful to Slicer3
>> (emulating what was possible with KWWidgets), are released in a
>> independent library called qCTKWidgets in the Slicer3 repository. I'll
>> put Julien Finet in CC:, maybe he can tell us where the starting point
>> is (is there a wiki for qCTK, or a SVN?).
>> Hope this helps
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