[KWWidgets] IDE designer for kwwidgets?

Dean Inglis dean.inglis at camris.ca
Wed Oct 21 20:26:48 EDT 2009

Not having experimented with Qt and approaching
learning yet another API with trepidation, is there 
any intent at Kitware to provide a Qt'ified set of
VTK/KWWidgets (or vice versa!?) in an independent
repository, say vtkQtWidgets?


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At 10/21/2009 05:32 PM, Steve Pieper wrote:
>Hi Folks -
>As pointed out in this thread, KWWidgets is a very nice package with 
>several good things going for it (tight integration with VTK and the 
>"vtk way" of coding being one of the strongest advantages).
>However there are some downsides and missing pieces in 
>KWWidgets.  And since Qt has become less commercial in the past year 
>(with the switch to LGPL) we're digging deeply into the a port of 
>our 3D Slicer KWWidgets interface to Qt.  There is some info on our 
>wiki, linked below.  (Note: Sebsastien is also active in this 
>porting effort for slicer - we're not sneaking around behind his back!).

Hehe. I've been maintaining KWWidgets for years now, and I absolutely 
endorse Qt. We are slowly but surely switching most of our internal 
development at Kitware to Qt. It is obviously in a different league 
compared to KWWidgets, has (way better) documentation, lots of 
examples, more features, etc. And I'm less of a bottleneck, therefore 
allowing everybody on both sides to focus on more interesting science :)

Now that Qt has switched to LGPL, I would definitely advise you to 
consider it, and check Slicer efforts to move to Qt now and then (see 
Wiki link), there will be lessons to learn from that task I'm sure.

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