[ITK-users] [ANN] ITK 4.11.1 has been released!

Francois Budin francois.budin at kitware.com
Mon May 8 13:52:21 EDT 2017

On behalf of the Insight Toolkit community, we are proud to announce

that ITK 4.11.1 has been released!

Download links can be found at:


This is a patch release that fixes critical issues, regressions,
documentation, and compiler support. Of the numerous issues addressed in
this release, most notable build support additions include Microsoft Visual
C++ Compiler for Python 2.7, recent Clang in FreeBSD, updates for the RHEL
/ CentOS toolchain, and improved support for Visual Studio 2017. Other
fixes include enabling hidden visibility for NIFTI and GIFTI static
libraries, MetaIO updates for improved large image support, and better
compatibility of the OpenCVImageBridge.

The next feature release, 4.12.0, is scheduled for May 24th.

Changes from v4.11.0 to v4.11.1


Bradley Lowekamp (6):

     BUG: Correct variable name used to check CXX version

     COMP: Enable hidden visibility property with NIFTI static libraries

     COMP: Enable hidden visibility property with GIFTI static libraries

     BUG: Initialize ConvergenceValue in constructor

     BUG: Use CMAKE_DL_LIBS instead of explict "dl" library

     BUG: Apply changes from MetaIO upstream to remove static variables

Floris Berendsen (1):

     COMP: Added missing png_get_uint_31 name mangling

Francois Budin (17):

     BUG: Addresses 'ordered comparison between pointer and zero' error

     BUG: ITK_OVERRIDE  keyword for non-overriden funtion

     BUG: ITK_OVERRIDE  keyword for non-overriden funtion

     BUG: Missing ITK_OVERRIDE

     BUG: 3523 Even padding most value representations with space instead
of '\0'

     BUG: KWSys symbols should not be exported with

     BUG: 3519 KernelTransform WMatrix initialization

     BUG: Wrapping of itkHessianToObjectnessMeasureImageFilter moved out of

     BUG: Wrap EllipseSpatialObject std::list in Python

     ENH: Improving usability in IPython

     BUG: Attribute names cannot start with a digit

     BUG: Test if 'issubclass' only if 'isclass' is True

     BUG: 3475 AccumulateImageFilter not setting direction cosines of
output image

     BUG: Do not export GDCM and Expat symbols with

     BUG: Do not export all symbols from third party libraries on Windows

     BUG: Certain third party libraries need to export their symbols on

     BUG: ProjectionImageFilter did not copy direction cosine information
to output

Jon Haitz Legarreta (1):

     COMP: Fix signed/unsigned mismatch warning.

Matthew McCormick (16):

     COMP: Add missing headers in OpenCVImageBridge

     COMP: Use double for gradient calculations in MinMaxCurvatureFlow

     BUG: Address tab completion with IPython >= 5.0.0

     BUG: Do not use terminal_progress with the Jupyter Notebook

     COMP: Do not require numeric_traits::has_infinity

     BUG: Fix passing _NO_TR1 definition with VS9 and Python

     BUG: Always wrap basic type RGBUC

     COMP: Do not add Visual Studio numeric_traits workarounds with MinGWPy

     COMP: Increase gold linker requirement to GCC 4.9.0

     COMP: Detect Windows with _WIN32 in socket++/fork.cpp

     COMP: Address Python 2.7 Windows _hypot build errors

     COMP: Undefine Py_hash_t when wrapping VtkGlue

     BUG: Improve itkTemplate New compatibility with Python 3

     BUG: Correct size specification in ImportImageFilter::SetImportPointer

     BUG: Improve large file support in MetaIO

     BUG: LevelSetNeighborhoodExtractor uses spacing

Taylor Braun-Jones (1):

     COMP: Only include the headers for required OpenCV modules (fixup)
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