[ITK-users] [ANN] ITK 4.11.0 has been released!

Matt McCormick matt.mccormick at kitware.com
Fri Jan 27 15:37:11 EST 2017

The Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit (ITK), is an open-source,
cross-platform library for multidimensional image analysis. On behalf of the
Insight Toolkit community, we are proud to announce that ITK 4.11.0 has been

Links to the Sourceforge.net tarballs can be found on the download page:



1. Introduction
2. New Features
3. ITK Changelog
4. ITK Sphinx Examples Changelog
5. ITK Software Guide Changelog


Developed by an international community, ITK collects best-of-breed algorithms
for registering, segmenting, analyzing, and quantifying n-dimensional imaging
data. The high-quality library facilitates reproducible research, provides a
software resource for teaching image analysis, and offers a platform for
commercial product development.

A few selected highlights for the 4.11 release include the following:

  - Remote Modules were added to: perturb mesh vertices with additive gaussian
    noise, accurately benchmark computational performance, perform principal
    components analysis of scalar, vector, and mesh vertex data, create a
    run-length encoded memory compression scheme for itk::Image, run N-D
    morphological contour interpolation, interpolate multi-label images,
    iterate over multiple images simultaneously, and compute inverse
    displacement fields.

  - NumPy bridge support is now enabled by default with NumPy array views of
    multi-component images and VNL vectors and matrices.

  - Internal HDF5 was updated to the latest upstream version along with a
    number of other third-party libraries.

Congratulations and well done to the 31 contributors to this release. We would
especially like to recognize new contributors: Hastings Greer, Gilles
Filippini, Thien Nguyen, Caspar Goch, Mayeul Chassagnard, Somesh Kashyap,
Simon Rit, Pierre Barbier de Reuille, and Maeliss Jallais

This release introduces a new template class export specification macro,
ITK_TEMPLATE_EXPORT. The macro should be used with templated classes to
address failing dynamic_cast's and exception catching across binaries on Mac

Bugs were addressed and improvements were made to how the pseudo-random number
generator is used. Tests that rely on the random number generator can restore
deterministic behavior by explicitly setting the global seed at start:

121212 );

However, preferred practice is to set the seed at the algorithm level. The
following methods can be used for this purpose:

 void itk::ImageToImageMetric< … >::ReinitializeSeed( int seed )
 void itk::ImageRegistrationMethodv4< …
>::MetricSamplingReinitializeSeed( int seed )

To improve randomness, new instances of the generator start from a different
seed; some minor differences in the output of algorithms that use the
generator, such as the ITKv3 mutual information metrics and
ImageRegistrationMethodv4’s metric sampling point set, should be expected.

Additionally, output may change for registration with composite affine
transforms; the v4 registration framework now uses corner sampling as opposed
to random sampling to estimate their parameter scales.

New Features

* Wrapping Improvements
  - Python GetArrayFromImage() and GetImageFromArray() from ITKBridgeNumPy are
    directly accessible from the Python itk namespace.
  - The itk package loads much faster: individual modules are loaded only when
  - Conversion of ITK images from and to NumPy array using Bridge NumPy
    supports RGB, RGBA, and Vector images.
  - VNL vectors and VNL matrices can be converted from and to NumPy objects
    with respectively the new couple of functions
    GetArrayFromVnlVector()/GetVnlVectorFromArray() and
  - The global timestamp is used across all ITK Python modules when built
  - Wrap additional classes such as KernelFunctionBase
  - itk_python_add_test CMake function added for Python script testing in ITK

* New Remote Modules
  - DVMeshNoise
    - Perturbing mesh vertices with additive gaussian noise
    - http://hdl.handle.net/10380/3567
 - PerformanceBenchmarking
    - Accurate benchmarking of computational performance
    - http://hdl.handle.net/10380/3557
  - PrincipalComponentsAnalysis
    - Principal components analysis of scalar, vector, and mesh vertex data
    - http://hdl.handle.net/10380/3386
  - RLEImage
    - Run-length encoded memory compression scheme for itk::Image
    - http://hdl.handle.net/10380/3562
  - MorphologicalContourInterpolation
    - N-D morphological contour interpolation
    - http://hdl.handle.net/10380/3563
  - GenericLabelInterpolator
    - A generic interpolator for multi-label images
    - http://hdl.handle.net/10380/3506
  - MultipleImageIterator
    - Iterate over multiple images simultaneously
    - http://hdl.handle.net/10380/3455
  - FixedPointInverseDisplacementField
   - Computes inverse displacement field
   - http://hdl.handle.net/10380/3222

* Core Improvements
  - New ITK_TEMPLATE_EXPORT for templated classes resolves cross-binary
    dynamic_cast on Mac OSX
  - New MersenneTwisterRandomVariateGenerator instances are initialized with
    different seeds
  - Use compiler feature detection in CMake for C++11 features, etc.
  - New CMake macro itk_module_add_library for creating libraries in ITK
  - Improved support for ccache and distcc with CMAKE_<LANG>_COMPILER_LAUNCHER
    (CMake >=3.4 required)
  - Support for .sha512 ExternalData content links
  - GitHub Pages and data.kitware.com ExternalData repositories added
  - GPGPU system support for C++11
  - Support of new compilers: Visual Studio 15 and XCode 8.2.1

* Filtering Improvements
  - HessianToObjectnessMeasure moved out of the ITKReview module
  - New UnsharpMaskImageFilter for image edge enhancement

* IO Improvements
  - TransformFactory class has been moved to a separate module
  - Spline order added to BSplineTransform identifier
  - Improved NIFTI orientation support

* Documentation Improvements
  - Updates to the Software Guide, Doxygen, Wiki and Sphinx Examples

* Third Party Library Updates
  - pygccxml updated to v1.8.0
  - VNL updated to latest upstream (2016.07.06)
  - SWIG updated to v3.0.11
  - KWSys updated to latest upstream (2016.11.21)
  - HDF5 updated to v1.8.17
  - SCIFIO updated to latest upstream (2016.12.01)
  - DCMTK updated to 3.6.1_20121012
  - CastXML to latest upstream (2016.01.28)

* Improved Code Coverage -- we are at 85.44%!
  - Jon Haitz-Legarreta's extensive code coverage improvements
  - https://blog.kitware.com/why-should-we-spend-time-writing-tests/

* *Lots* of important bug fixes

* And much more! See details in the log below.

Changes from v4.11rc02 to v4.11.0

Bradley Lowekamp (3):
      BUG: Add itk prefix to TIFF files in binary directory.
      BUG: Remove ITK_DISALLOW_COPY_AND_ASSIGN as Doxygen private
      BUG: First IterationEvent is at CurrentIteration==0

Francois Budin (3):
      ENH: Update SCIFIO to latest revision (2017.01.17)
      ENH: Update SCIFIO to lastest commit (01.21.2017)
      BUG: Alpha value created when converted image to RGBA is not always 1

Jon Haitz Legarreta (2):
      BUG: Fix uninitialized variables in itkGaussianInterpolateImageFunction.
      BUG: Fix RTTI Superclass name in itkLabelMapMaskImageFilter.

Matthew McCormick (2):
      BUG: Fix cat/echo in ContentLinkSynchronization.sh
      ENH: Add missing SHA512 content links

Richard Beare (1):
      BUG: Fix precision issues with poly-line FlatStructuring element

Stephen Aylward (1):
      BUG: Target file for modules moved to subdir Targets.

Changes from v4.11rc01 to v4.11rc02

Bradley Lowekamp (5):
     BUG: Remove unused SimpleImageRegistrationTest baselines
     ENH: Expose GetNextSeed method in MersenneTwiseter Generator
     BUG: Add option for fixed seed or wall clock seed for sampling
     BUG: Use metric random seed in v3 examples
     BUG: Prefer setting seed at algorithm in "v4" tests.

Francois Budin (3):
     ENH: Update BridgeNumPy to latest version on 2017.01.08 to address ITK-3511
     BUG: Extra \$ in doxygen comment
     BUG: Binary include directory added only if enabled shared

Jon Haitz Legarreta (2):
     DOC: Document itkLabelOverlapMeasuresImageFilter methods.
     DOC: Fix ITKImageNoise filters' doc TeX errors.

Matthew McCormick (1):
     BUG: Remove invalid ImageRegistration4Test.png.sha512

Max Smolens (1):
     DOC: Fix itkUnsharpMaskImageFilter documentation typos

Simon Rit (1):
     BUG: ITK-based software was crasing when thread creation failed

Changes from v4.10.0 to v4.11rc01

Bill Lorensen (4):
     COMP: Restore support for clang 3.0 compiler
     COMP: Consistent use of ModifiedTimeType
     ENH: Bump WikiExamples remote module version
     ENH: Bump WikiExamples version

Bradley Lowekamp (57):
     ENH: Add registered TrasformIO's to exception
     ENH: Use template or constant for loop stop condition
     ENH: Updating SWIG version to 3.0.9
     COMP: Address VS9 ambiguous std::abs call in Haung calculator
     COMP: Fix undefined NumericTraits::Zero and One errors with mingw64
     BUG: Fix segfault if ~CleanUpObjectFactory called multiple times
     BUG: Address itkHDF5ImageIO test failures for mingw64
     BUG: demonstrate dynamic_cast failure when reading transforms
     BUG: Address itkHDF5ImageIO test failures for mingw64
     ENH: Updating SWIG version to 3.0.10
     ENH: Enable CMP0063 New behavior
     COMP: Enable hidden visibility property with vxl static libraries
     COMP: Enable hidden visibility property with HDF5 static libraries
     COMP: Enable hidden visibility property with HDF5 static libraries
     BUG: Match Add2 function to AddImageFilter documentation
     ENH: Improve support for std::complex with PowImageFilter
     ENH: Explicitly mark required files for dependent tests
     COMP: Bypass XCode 7.3,8 internal compilation error
     COMP: Address CMake configuration error with itkJPEG2000Test03 property
     BUG: Correct test's REQUIRED_FILES to only the input.
     ENH: move HessianToObjectnessMeasure filter out of Review
     ENH: Separate TransformFactory class into separate module
     DOC: Add links between similar label to rgb filters
     ENH: Separate data from function calls
     COMP: Fix changed Graft method
     ENH: Reduce template dependencies on CalculateRotationMatrix
     ENH: Add Functor Accessors to LabelMapToRGB filter
     BUG: Enable VirtualDomain and FixedTransform in RegMethv4
     BUG: Use BSpline Order 3 for 2D in transform factory.
     ENH: Add spline order to BSplineTransform's string id
     ENH: Adding initial CircleCi configuration file
     COMP: Fix float to unsigned integer conversion warnings
     BUG: Include installed modules in ITK_MODULES_ENABLED
     COMP: Address CMake error that ITKGPUCommon is not in export
     COMP: Address wrong library types with VS and shared libraries
     BUG: Ensure CreateImageIO is concurrent thread safe
     ENH: Mark HDF5 CMake options as internal
     COMP: Add template export declaration for ParametricPath
     COMP: Correct TEMPLATE_EXPLICIT definition in Path module
     ENH: Factor out common code in the TrasformFactoryBase registration
     ENH: Add CMake variable for max transform dimension, defaults 4
     ENH: Create CMake module to check for private RTTI compatibility
     ENH: Improving setting of default ITK_TEMPATE_VISIBILITY_DEFAULT
     COMP: Correct ifndef value to allow user defined ITK_TEMPLATE_EXPORT
     BUG: Add explicit instantiate for ObjectToObjectOptimizerBase
     COMP: Use add_definitions for CMake 2.8.9 compatibility
     COMP: Add warning suppression for distcc warning
     ENH: Explicitly instantiate the optimizer base over float
     BUG: Use IsLinear to check if transform is "affine"
     ENH: Remove unneeded includes of random iterator header
     ENH: Improve thread-safety for Generator, and unique New sequence
     ENH: Do not use global random generator
     BUG: Update v3 registration metrics to use local seed
     ENH: Prefer setting local seed over global in tests.
     ENH: Update SWIG to latest 3.0.11 release
     BUG: relax testing parameters for v3 translation registration
     BUG: Restore baseline for debug registration

Caspar Goch (2):
     BUG: Use printable type for RGBA pixel ostream for ITK-3501
     STYLE: Remove extra space for ITK-3501

Christina Rossmanith (1):
     DOC: Added more details to the class Doxygen documentation.

Davis Vigneault (2):
     ENH: Add remote module DVMeshNoise

Dženan Zukić (27):
     BUG: Fixing CID-1355433 (IDENTICAL_BRANCHES)
     ENH: Adding MultipleImageIterator as a remote module
     COMP: enables TBB 4.4 back-end for VTK7's SMP
     COMP: enabling position independent code flag for FFTW
     ENH: adding configuration file for code reformatting tool clang-format
     ENH: Updating hooks to work with Windows/TortoiseGit/KDiff3
     COMP: Fixing -fPIC flag passing with Ninja build system
     ENH: Adding RLEImage as a remote module
     ENH: Updating uncrustify configuration to current git version
     STYLE: better compliance with ITK style
     STYLE: A new option in uncrustify, updating the config file accordingly
     ENH: Adding MorphologicalContourInterpolation as a remote module
     ENH: improving documentation
     BUG: fixing buffer growing endlessly, as reported by Timothee Evain
     BUG: fixing buffer growing endlessly, as reported by Timothee Evain
     STYLE: default uncrustify configuration file is less aggressive
     COMP: Fixing warning
     COMP: VS15 compiler fix
     BUG: casting -9 to unsigned produced unwanted result
     BUG: Ensuring consistency between debug and release
     COMP: Updating LesionSizingToolkit after some recent compile fixes
     COMP: respect option METAIO_USE_NAMESPACE
     ENH: updating version of AnisotropicDiffusionLBR
     ENH: adding UnsharpMaskingImageFilter
     COMP: explicitly cast to output type
     BUG: double call to update would cause empty output image
     ENH: Updating RLEImage remote module. Change-log:

Eugene Prilepin (4):
     ENH: Add the "ITK_USE_GPU" to ITK Config
     BUG: Fix API for set/get "LaplacianImageFilter" object
     ENH: Add support of images types with the 'CovariantVector' pixel type
     ENH: Add python test for the 'GradientVectorFlowImageFilter' wrap

Francois Budin (52):
     ENH: Adding GetArrayFromImage in python itk namespace
     ENH: Adding GetImageFromArray in python itk namespace
     ENH: *_WRAP_* variable per external module
     BUG: ImportImageFilter not responsible of memory management
     ENH: New remote module GenericLabelInterpolator
     DOC: SetNumberOfOutputs had wrong comment
     BUG: lazyAttributes dictionary keys could be over-ridden
     BUG: lazyAttributes dictionary keys could be over-ridden
     BUG: Fix recent update of HDF5 (1.8.17)
     ENH: Update SCIFIO to latest version on 08/23/2016
     ENH: Addition of the remote module FixedPointInverseDisplacementField
     ENH: Update SCIFIO to latest version on 08/29/2016
     BUG: Path to commit was relative instead of absolute
     ENH: Path to SetupForDevelopment is relative, not absolute
     BUG: LSMImageIO write function was not checking image dimension
     BUG: LSMImageIO was not checking correctly image dimension
     BUG: Missing associated test data
     BUG: Missing associated test data
     ENH: Bump CMakeLists.txt version to 4.10.1.
     BUG: Quotes are not escaped in configured cmake file
     ENH: Improving API of Graft() in itk::Image
     ENH: Updating ITKGenericLabelInterpolator remote module
     ENH: Update ITKIOTransformDCMTK remote module
     BUG: Factory registration should depend on ITK_BUILD_SHARED
     COMP: Updating DCMTK compilation for Ninja
     ENH: Update version of DCMTK to 3.6.1_20121012
     ENH: Update SCIFIO to latest version on 10/25/2016
     BUG: Swig and PCRE do not support space in installation paths
     BUG: exit() call from within piped commands was not exiting the script
     BUG: Typo in folder creation command
     ENH: Only display message for transform registered multiple times in debug
     ENH: Image spacing must be positive
     BUG: Supported extensions by PNG IO were not added in constructor.
     DOC: Documentation in itkRBGAPixel and itkRGBPixel was incorrect.
     ENH: Update SCIFIO to lastest (2016.12.01)
     ENH: FixedPointInverseDisplacementField moved to InsightSoftwareConsortium
     COMP: Remove compilation warnings
     ENH: Improved support of ccache and distcc
     BUG: GPUImage regression due to API change.
     ENH: Update Bridge Numpy (2016.12.05)
     ENH: Update VariationalRegistration to remove warnings during compilation
     ENH: FindPythonLibs does not support both debug and release
python libraries
     ENH: Update VariationalRegistration
     BUG: Missing ITK_TEMPLATE_EXPORT in forward declaration of itk::ImageBase
     BUG: Missing ITK_TEMPLATE_EXPORT in itkOptimizerParametersHelper
     BUG: Missing ITK_TEMPLATE_EXPORT in templated class
     BUG: Remove linkage warnings on MacOS
     BUG: HDF5 CMake installation directory variable had not been updated
     BUG: Missing include header in AnisotropicDiffusionBLR remote
module hxx files
     COMP: Silencing unused variable warning in itkTimeStamp
     STYLE: Improve style checking by using module ITKKWStyleOverwrite.txt
     COMP: OS*Barrier functions are deprecated on MacOS 10.12

GCC-XML Upstream (1):
     ENH: pygccxml v1.8.0 (reduced)

Gert Wollny (1):
     BUG: Relax vnl_complex floating point comparisons for i386

Gilles Filippini (1):
     BUG: Use NATIVE_HBOOL for encoding HDF5 types.

HDF Group (1):
     ENH: hdf5 1.8.17-r30218 (reduced)

Hans Johnson (23):
     COMP: Use cmake WriteCompilerDetectionHeader
     ENH: Use itk_compiler_detection versions
     COMP: Provide consistent granular C++11 support
     STYLE: Prefer to use consistent definitions
     COMP: Improve robustness of identifying the compiler standard used
     BUG: try_compile for AlignAs were always failing
     STYLE: Provide a well documented macro for repeated code
     STYLE: Delete functions in consistent way
     COMP: GPU baseclass ivars need to be protected
     COMP: Remove unnecessary circular dependancy
     COMP: Add long long usage for HDF5
     COMP: Add long long usage for HDF5
     STYLE: Prefer static small array to dynamic array
     BUG: Confusing interface for FFTW wisdom files
     STYLE: Output dimension from OutputImageType
     STYLE: Code review style cleanups
     STYLE: Prefer to use ITK AssertOrThrow macros
     ENH: Add OverrideBoundaryCondition logic
     ENH: Provide mechanism for enhanced NIFTI support
     BUG: Use NIFTI sform/qform conventions correctly
     ENH: Remove ambiguity about sform/qform

Hastings Greer (8):
     BUG: ITK-3448 Wrap itkQuadEdgeCellTraitsInfo more specifically
     BUG: make itkTriangleHelper instantiable to ease wrapping
     BUG: remove lsqr because of license issues ITK 1160
     BUG: make itkTriangleHelper instantiable to ease wrapping
     BUG: initialize X to zero in lsmr Solve
     BUG: Labled Point Set Registration: test multiple labels
     BUG: Fix python wrapping of Cuberille remote module
     BUG: Add test demonstrating Python global timestamp issue

Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin (5):
     STYLE: UseITK: Set ImageIO exceptions using new convention. See #3393
     STYLE: MeshIO: Moves virtual destructor into cpp files. See #3393
     STYLE: Update MeshIO factories to use RegisterFactoryInternal. See #3393
     STYLE: MeshIO: Move MeshFileWriterException into its own file. See #3393
     STYLE: MeshIO: Remove unused include from headers. See #3393

Johan Andruejol (3):
     ENH: Add missing itkKernelFunctionBase wrapping
     ENH: Add PrincipalComponentsAnalysis remote module
     COMP: Override cannot be used with inline

Jon Haitz Legarreta (216):
     ENH: Improve itkFlatStructutingElement coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkPathToImageFilter class coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkIsolatedWatershedImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkLogSigmoidTransferFunction coverage.
     STYLE: Improve itkBSplineTransform doc style.
     ENH: Improve GaborKernelFunctionCoverage.
     PERF: Remove duplicate itkMath include
     STYLE: Move the PrintSelf method to the end
     STYLE: Improve the itkScalarToRGBColormapImageFilter style.
     STYLE: Delete duplicate method documentation
     STYLE: Remove method documentation from implementation file
     STYLE: Improve GACLevelSet classes' style
     STYLE: Improve test style
     ENH: Improve itkGaussianDerivativeImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve the itkScalarToRGBColormapImageFilter coverage
     STYLE: Improve itkScalarToRGBColormap test style
     ENH: Improve GACLSImageFilter classes' coverage
     STYLE: Improve comment style in GACLS tests
     ENH: Improve itkImportImageFilter coverage
     ENH: Improve itkVideoFileReader coverage
     ENH: Improve itkVideoFileWriter coverage
     STYLE: Improve the itkVideoFileWriter style.
     STYLE: Imrpove itkVideoFileReader style.
     ENH: Improve the itkBSplineControlPointImageFunction coverage
     STYLE: Improve the itkIntensityWindowingImageFilter style
     STYLE: Improve the itkIntensityWindowingImageFilter test style
     ENH: Improve ImageToSpatialObjectRegistrationMethod coverage
     STYLE: Improve test style
     ENH: Improve MaskNeighborhoodOperatorImageFilter coverage
     ENH: Improve itkMeshFileWriter coverage
     ENH: Improve RescaleIntensityImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkClampImageFilter coverage.
     BUG: Fix ivar type casting in PrintSelf.
     STYLE: Improve MRIBiasFieldCorrectionFilter style.
     ENH: Improve MRIBiasFieldCorrectionFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkIntensityWindowingImageFilter coverage
     BUG: Fix Run-time type information in CSV module classes.
     ENH: Improve the itkHistogram class code coverage.
     DOC: Fix documentation typo.
     STYLE: Improve the ImproveRescaleIntensityImageFilter style.
     PERF: Make the itkVideoFileReader ivars private
     PERF: Make itkVideoFileWriter ivars private
     ENH: Improve coverage for itk::OrientImageFilter.
     STYLE: Improve itk::OrientImageFilter class style.
     ENH: Improve itkCSVNumericObjectFileWriter coverage.
     ENH: Add missing standard class typdefs.
     ENH: Improve itkVoronoiSegmentationImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkVoronoiSegmentationImageFilter style.
     STYLE: Improve the MalahanobisDistanceThresholdImageFunction style.
     ENH: Improve coverage for itkMalahanobisDistanceThreshold.
     ENH: Improve itk::MinimumMaximumImageCalculator coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkMinimumMaximumImageCalculator style.
     BUG: Fix type mismatch in test.
     STYLE: Improve itkPolylineMaskImagefilter style.
     ENH: Improve itkPolylineMaskImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkFileListVideoStyle.
     ENH: Improve itkLandmarkBasedTransformInitializer coverage.
     ENH: Add baseline image to itkPolylineMaskImageFilter test.
     ENH: Improve coverage for itkBSplineTransformInitializer.
     STYLE: Improve itkBSplineTransformInitializer doc style.
     ENH: Enhance itkBSplineTransformInitializer implementation.
     DOC: Fix typo in method documentation.
     ENH: Improve the itkRegularStepGradientDescentOptimizerv4 style.
     STYLE: Improve the itkSimpleContourExtractorImageFilter style.
     ENH: Exercise the class' Get methods.
     ENH: Improve coverage for itkStatisticsOpeningLabelMapFilter.
     ENH: Improve style for itkThresholdLabelerImageFilter.
     ENH: Improve itkThresholdLabelerImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Get internal ImageIO via a const macro.
     ENH: Improve the itkSimpleContourExtractorImageFilter coverage.
     STYLE: Improve the itkMetaArray class style.
     ENH: Improve MetaArrayReader/Writer coverages.
     ENH: Improve the itkCovarianceImageFunction style.
     STYLE: Improve itkVoronoiDiagram2DGenerator style.
     ENH: Improve VoronoiDiagram2DGenerator coverage.
     STYLE: Improve the itkBayesianClassifierImageFilter style.
     STYLE: Improve the itkMetaArrayWriter style.
     ENH: Improve itkCovarianteImageFunction coverage.
     COMP: Fix signed/unsigned int comparison warning.
     DOC: Improve itkGrayscaleDilateImageFilter documentation.
     DOC: Improve documentation for itkGrayscaleErodeImageFilter.
     DOC: Improve ConfigureHistogram method documentation.
     STYLE: Improve the itkMovingHistogramMorphologyImagefilter style.
     BUG: Fix Superclass name in RTTI.
     STYLE: Improve itkGaussianInterpolateImageFunction style.
     ENH: Improve coverage for itkGaussianInterpolateImageFunction.
     ENH: Improve itkBayesianClassifierImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Add itkBSplineControlPointImageFilter RTTI.
     STYLE: Improve itkBSplinecontrolPointImageFilter style.
     ENH: Improve itkBSplineControlPointImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve coverage for itkRegularStepGradientDescentOptimizerv4.
     STYLE: Improve the class implementation file style.
     STYLE: Improve the itkResampleImageFilter style.
     DOC: Fix typo in GetMTime method doc.
     STYLE: Remove out-of-body implementation doc
     ENH: Improve itkResampleImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkAbsImageAdaptor and Filter coverage.
     BUG: Fix itkLSMImageIO class' Superclass name.
     ENH: Improve the itkInterpolateImagePointsFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkPowImageFilter coverage.
     BUG: Fix ConvolutionImageFilter RTTI.
     STYLE: Use initialization lists.
     STYLE: Improve BinaryFunctorImageFilter style.
     ENH: Improve itkMinimumImageFilter code coverage.
     BUG: Fix Linux-x86_64-gcc4.1 warning on implicit conversion.
     ENH: Improve MaximumImageFilter coverage.
     BUG: Fix conversion to PixelType conversion.
     COMP: Fix double to unsigned char conversion warning.
     ENH: Improve coverage for itkNormalizeToConstantImageFilter.
     BUG: Fix itkSquaredDifferenceErrorFunction RTTI.
     ENH: Improve itkMeanImageFunctionCoverage.
     ENH: Improve itkSquareImageFilter coverage.
     STYLE: Improve the itkSquaredDifferenceErrorFunction style.
     STYLE: Enhance style for itkNormalizeToConstantImageFilter.
     STYLE: Improve itkMeanImageFunction style.
     ENH: Remove unnecesary call to filter print.
     ENH: Improve itkRegionOfInterestImageFilter coverage.
     STYLE: Improve itkRegionOfInterestImageFilter style.
     STYLE: Improve itkPasteImageFilter style.
     STYLE: Improve itkJoinSeriesImageFilter style.
     BUG: Fix itkPadLabelMapFilter RTTI Superclass.
     COMP: Address std::cout.precision conversion warning.
     ENH: Improve itkBayesianClassifiertImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkPadLabelMapFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkJoinSeriesImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve the itkPasteImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve MeanImageFilter coverage.
     COMP: Address std::cout.precision conversion warning.
     ENH: Improve TernaryMagnitudeImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve FFTConvolutionImageFilter coverage.
     DOC: Fix class documentation in ternary magnitude filters.
     ENH: Improve ConstrainedValueDifferenceImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve AndImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Add baseline test to itkTernaryMagnitudeImageFilter.
     ENH: Use MD5 comparison framework in baseline test.
     ENH: Improve itk::VectorRescaleIntensityImageFilter coverage.
     STYLE: Improve the itkVectorRescaleIntensityImageFilter style.
     ENH: Print missing ivar in filter PrintSelf method.
     ENH: Improve itkComplexToImaginaryFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkComplexToPhaseImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkComplexToModulusImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkComplexToRealImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkVectorResampleImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Add GetTransform method.
     ENH: Improve itkConstrainedValueAdditionImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkModulusImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkLog10ImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Imporve itkMagnitudeAndPhaseToComplexImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkLogImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkInvertIntensityImageFilter coverage.
     STYLE: Improve itkInvertIntensityImageFilter style.
     DOC: Add missing doc to itkInvertIntensityImageFilter.
     STYLE: Improve itkIntensityWindowingImageFilter style.
     STYLE: Use initialization lists.
     ENH: Improve itkIntensityWindowingImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkNaryMaximumImageFilter coverage.
     COMP: Fix std::precision type casting warning.
     ENH: Improve itkPointSetToPointSetRegistrationMethod coverage.
     STYLE: Improve the itkPointSetToPointSetImageRegistrationMethod style.
     ENH: Remove SmartPointers being explicitly initialized to null.
     STYLE: Improve the itkPointSetToImageRegistrationMethod style.
     ENH: Improve itkPointSetToImageRegistration coverage.
     STYLE: Change the name of the itkPointSetToImageRegistrationMethod test.
     STYLE: Improve itkVectorResampleImageFilter style.
     STYLE: Improve the itkAntiAliasBinaryImageFilter style.
     ENH: Improve trigonometric function filters' coverage.
     STYLE: Remove test names from std::out messages.
     ENH: Improve Boolean Algebra ImageFilters coverage.
     STYLE: Improve the EuclideanDistancePointMetric style.
     ENH: Improve itkSigmoidImageFilter coverage.
     STYLE: Improve itkCropImageFilter style.
     ENH: Improve itkCropImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve RGBToLuminanceImageFilter and Adaptor coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkRescaleIntensityImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve the itkMatrixSelectionImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkTanImageFilter and Adaptor coverage.
     ENH: Increase itkSqrtImageFilter and Adaptor coverage.
     ENH: Increase itkTernaryOperatorImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Increase itkSymmetricEigenAnalysisImageFilter coverage.
     STYLE: Improve itkScalarImagekmeansImageFilter style.
     STYLE: Conform to TEST_SET_GET_VALUE definition.
     BUG: Fix uninitialized variable due to dynamic analysis defect.
     BUG: Fix uninitialized variable defect reported by valgrind.
     ENH: Improve the itkPointSetToPointSetRegistrationTest.
     ENH: Improve the itkPointSetToImageRegistrationTest.
     ENH: Increas BinaryMagnitudeImageFilter coverage.
     STYLE: Remove test name from std output.
     ENH: Increase MagnitudeImageFilter coverage.
     BUG: Fix uninitialized variable defect reported by valgrind.
     BUG: Fix Superclass name in RTTI.
     STYLE: Improve itkFrustumSpatialFunction style.
     STYLE: Improve the itkConicShellInteriorExteriorSpatialFunction style.
     BUG: Fix Superclass template argument list.
     STYLE: Improve the itkTorusInteriorExteriorSpatialFunction style.
     STYLE: Improve the itkCheckerBoardImageFilter class style.
     ENH: Improve the itk::LabelVotingImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkCheckerBoardImageFilter coverage.
     STYLE: Improve itk::LabelVotingImageFilter style.
     STYLE: Improve the itkHoughTransform2DCirclesImageFilter style.
     ENH: Add test for itk::FrustumSpatialFunction class.
     ENH: Improve itkConnectedThresholdImageFilter coverage.
     STYLE: Improve itkConnectedThresholdImageFilter style.
     BUG: Fix FrustumSpatialFunction internal precision conversion.
     COMP: Fix implicit conversion warning.
     STYLE: Improve itkThresholdImageFilter style.
     ENH: Add test for itk::TorusInteriorExteriorSpatialFunction.
     BUG: Fix Superclass template argument list.
     ENH: Improve itkUnsharpMaskingImageFilter implementation.
     ENH: Improve the itkUnsharpMaskingImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Fix UnsharpMaskingImageFilter test inconsistencies.
     BUG: Add missing itkTypeMacro.
     DOC: Document the member variables.
     BUG: Fix the itkImageSource RTTI class name,
     STYLE: Improve itkLabelImageGaussianInterpolateImageFunction style.
     ENH: Finish itkGaussianInterpolateImageFunction PrintSelf.
     STYLE: Improve itkLabelOverlapMeasurementImageFilter style.

KWSys Robot (6):
     KWSys 2016-06-30 (96f06c8e)
     KWSys 2016-10-23 (b630d2f5)
     KWSys 2016-11-03 (37306a1c)
     KWSys 2016-11-08 (2b3e2b1c)
     KWSys 2016-11-09 (18c65411)
     KWSys 2016-11-21 (cb55cf5a)

Maeliss Jallais (1):
     BUG: Add unsigned and signed short to the wrapping of vnl_matrix

Matthew McCormick (85):
     PERF: Simplify HilbertPath numberOfPathVertices computation.
     BUG: CID 1355469 NNetClassifierTest4 unintended integer division.
     BUG: Update Cuberille Remote for version check fix.
     ENH: Bump ITK version to 4.11.0.
     BUG: Fix HDF5ImageIO type information.
     BUG: Fix H5File memory leak in HDF5ImageIO.
     DOC: Collect Francois Budin's contributions in .mailmap
     BUG: Limit WRAP_ITK_MODULES when building externally
     STYLE: Improvements to ResourceProbe report output.
     ENH: Add a useTabs argument to ResourceProbe::Report.
     ENH: Add standard error measure to the ResourceProbe
     ENH: Add itk_python_add_test function.
     BUG: Remove VNL file from subtree merge.
     COMP: Fix wrapping with a space in the Python include path
     BUG: Fix PermuteAxesImageFilter pipeline method visibility
     BUG: Initialize PermuteOrder and FlipAxes in OrientImageFilter
     BUG: ResampleImageFilter honor isInside output of the transform method
     COMP: Avoid recursive include of itkMath.h
     COMP: Fix VXL header installation locations
     BUG: ClampImageFilterTest for older GCC, InPlaceOn
     DOC: Add CONTRIBUTING.md file to the top level.
     COMP: Update VariationalRegistration to address Doxygen warnings
     BUG: Compiler detections file installed into ITK build tree location
     COMP: Do not use string(TIMESTAMP.
     COMP: Remove HDF5 -std=c99 for C++ files
     BUG: Do not build HDF5 static library with a shared build
     ENH: Add PerformanceBenchmarking Remote Module
     COMP: Remove duplicate wrappings for ResampleImageFilter
     BUG: Put Python test output files in the build tree
     BUG: Improve HDF5ImageIO::CloseDataSet name
     COMP: Use add_python_test PythonLazyLoadingImage
     COMP: Address missing override it itkFactoryTestLib.cxx
     BUG: Index,Size,Offset constructors present in Python with C++11
     COMP: Address missing override it itkFactoryTestLib.cxx
     BUG: PerformanceBenchmarking as EXCLUDE_FROM_DEFAULT
     ENH: Bump SetupForDevelopment version
     BUG: Add missing ZLib deflate support to HDF5
     BUG: Address memory leak, remove NumPy build dep in BridgeNumPy
     COMP: Do not set ITK_LIBRARY_BUILD_TYPE in ITKTransformFactory
     COMP: Do not set ITK_LIBRARY_BUILD_TYPE in ITKTransformFactory
     BUG: Check when ITK_WRAP_VECTOR_COMPONENTS doesn't include
     BUG: RichardsonLucyDeconvolutionImageFilter with non-null input
Image Origin
     BUG: Fix inconsistent Twister start with Initialize(seed) and SetSeed(seed)
     BUG: Do not hard code CMake scripts in HDF5
     COMP: Workaround Emscripten ITKCommon test build failure
     COMP: Do embed fancy HDF5 libsettings with Emscripten
     COMP: Add missing H5T_patch_vlen_file declaration
     ENH: Bump CastXML to 2016-10-11 master.
     COMP: Workaround Emscripten ITKCommon test build failure
     BUG: Swap CastXML hashes for Mac OSX and Windows
     ENH: Sync ExternalData.cmake with upstream CMake 3.6.2
     COMP: Fix VNL tests when cross-compiling
     ENH: ExternalData multi-algorithm support
     ENH: ExternalData support for data.kitware.com
     BUG: Install missing H5pubconf.h
     BUG: Use SpacePrecisionType in TileImageFilter
     BUG: Use internal ExternalData_Add_Target
     ENH: Run .sha512, .md5 simultaneous modification pre-commit check
     BUG: Correct CastXML Windows binary
     BUG: Support non-zero Index in LevelSetNeighborhoodExtractor
     ENH: Add ArchiveTestingDataOnGirder.py
     BUG: Correct AtanRegularizationHeavisideStepFunction derivative
     ENH: Add Utilities/Maintenance/ContentLinkSynchronization.sh
     BUG: Remove extra HessianToObjectness content links
     ENH: Wrap SpatialFunction float types with ITK_WRAP_float
     BUG: Bump PerformanceBenchmarking to 2016-11-04
     BUG: itk_python_expression_add_test too many quotes.
     ENH: Wrap VectorImage with complex real pixel types
     ENH: Bump PerformanceBenchmarking to 2016-11-07
     BUG: Do not assume zero Index in ReinitializeLevelSetImageFilter
     ENH: Create itk_module_add_library macro
     BUG: Update computeCodeCoverageLocally.sh for KWStyle addition
     COMP: Install a newer version of CMake on CircleCI
     ENH: Use GitHub Pages as the first ExternalData resource
     ENH: Add tests to demonstrate OSX dynamic_cast failure
     BUG: Use random seed with for MersenneTwisterRandomVariateGenerator.
     BUG: Enable program global timestamp
     BUG: Set random number seed in Mattes metric test
     BUG: Notify builder that ITK_DYNAMIC_LOADING is required with wrapping
     BUG: Set random number seed mutual information metric tests
     BUG: Wrap std::vector< itk.Point >
     BUG: Fix wrapping of LandmarkBasedTransformInitializer
     BUG: Rename UnsharpMaskingImageFilter to UnsharpMaskImageFilter
     DOC: Add Dženan Zukić to .mailmap

Max Smolens (4):
     COMP: CID-1266557 StatisticsLabelMapFilter uninitialized scalar field
     BUG: CID-1355438 QuadEdgeTest1 resource leaks
     COMP: CID-1355472 MIRegistrationFunction unused value
     COMP: Fix link errors for VNL template instantiations on Windows

Mayeul Chassagnard (7):
     BUG: Test added and error fixed in HDF5ImageIO
     ENH: Update add_library TO itk_module_add_library
     COMP: Set Policy CMP0023 target_link_libraries for
     BUG: Add ITK_TEMPLATE_EXPORT to template classes
     BUG: Fix errors linked to dyn_cast merge
     BUG: Restore old ITKModule_TEMPLATE_EXPORT specification for classes
     BUG: dash3win7 dashboard build error unresolved external symbol

Michka Popoff (3):
     ENH: Update UpdatepygccxmlFromUpstream.sh for v1.8.0
     ENH: Update igenerator.py for pygccxml v1.8.0
     COMP: Use pygccxml's public API for apply definitions

Pierre Barbier de Reuille (2):
     COMP: Fix function naming error when using FFTWD
     COMP: Fix function naming error when using FFTWD

Sean McBride (1):
     COMP: Bypass HDF5 bugs under TSan

Simon Rit (2):
     COMP: remove C++11 compiler warning for CUDA compilations
     COMP: remove C++11 compiler warning for CUDA compilations

Somesh Kashyap (2):
     BUG: Override TransformCategoryType for
     BUG: -Added test case for  itkAzimuthElevationToCartesianTransform

Sumedha Singla (1):
     ENH: Updated the git tag for ITK-Minimal-Path-Extraction remote module

Taylor Braun-Jones (4):
     COMP: Skip path length checks if ITK_SKIP_PATH_LENGTH_CHECKS is enabled
     COMP: Fix truncation from double to float warning
     DOC: Fix incorrect itkFactorylessNewMacro documentation
     COMP: Only include the headers for required OpenCV modules

Thien Nguyen (1):
     PERF: SmapsFileParser unnecessary dynamic_cast

VXL Maintainers (4):
     VNL 2016-05-15 (14f97ab4)
     VNL 2016-06-22 (23a93adb)
     VNL 2016-06-29 (d62a2d70)
     VNL 2016-07-06 (acfa62cc)

Vladimir S. FONOV (1):
     COMP: Build against GCC 5.3.1

Zach Williamson (2):
     ENH: Update Remote Module Tags
     BUG: Fix Python Wrappings in C++11

Ziv Yaniv (1):
     BUG: Metric sampling percentage accepted values outside (0.0, 1.0].

ITK Sphinx Examples Changes

Matt McCormick (6):
     BUG: Use GDCM ITK module name
     ENH: Rename ReadDICOMSeriesAndWrite3DImage
     BUG: Add tests for ReadDICOMSeriesAndWrite3DImage
     ENH: Bump ITK Superbuild version to 2016-09-20 master
     ENH: Add Python version of ReadDICOMSeriesAndWrite3DImage
     ENH: Add Python version of CreateAnRGBImage

Michka Popoff (5):
     ENH: Use same Python interpreter as ITK for wrapping tests
     BUG: Fix ResampleAnImage example (Python3)
     ENH: Add Python example for ApplyAFilterOnlyToASpecifiedRegionOfAnImage
     ENH: Add 7 Python examples to Core/Common
     ENH: Add BoundingBoxOfAPointSet Python example

ITK Software Guide Changes

Matt McCormick (8):
     DOC: Move the location for obtaining the software
     DOC: Remove reference to ITKApps
     ENH: Bump ITK ExternalProject version to 2016-11-02 master
     DOC: Document the ITK module registry
     ENH: Bump ITK ExternalProject version to v4.11rc01 master
     DOC: Update CMake hyperlinks
     DOC: Update minimum required CMake version to 2.8.9
     DOC: Add section on static and shared libraries.

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