[Insight-users] Question regarding CopyInformation()

Hauke Heibel heibel at cs.tum.edu
Mon Oct 15 12:03:51 EDT 2007

Hi out there,


First of all ,Hello everybody' - I am also new to the list. Now quickly to
my questions.


I was wondering if in the method CopyInformation() setting the largest
possible region is enough or if also the requested region needs to be
copied/set. In the current implementation only the largest possible region
is copied and the requested region is left out. Does this happen on purpose?
And if so, can somebody please shed some light on this?


I think I have a quite good explanation for why the buffered region is not
copied (we are basically just copying header information while the buffer is
not copied), but when it comes to the requested region I am sort of lost.


Regarding the directions matrix. are the direction vectors stored column
major or row major? I did not find any clues in the code though the loop in
ImageBase::SetDirection might indicate that each row contains a direction
vector (columns are processed in the most inner loop).


Uhh, well, a final question, the ImportImageFilter does probably not contain
a SetNumberOfComponentsPerPixel, since it is supposed to be used for scalar
images? Those images for which this value is always equal to one. 





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