[Insight-users] Re: QT + ITK

Dr. Uwe Köhler U.Koehler at gmx.de
Tue Feb 27 02:37:52 EST 2007

Hello Eliana, F. Dazinger and Nicolas,

I found converting the QtITK example to Qt 4 quite difficult myself. In the 
meantime, I worked with the Qt bindings for VTK and found an elegant solution 
there. The CMakefiles.txt asks for the desired Qt version (3 or 4) and 
examples and bindings are provided for both. It works very well when building 
VTK with the same version as the example, that is not automated. That seems 
like a very good solution for ITK, as well. 



> Hello F. Dazinger and Nicolas,
> Long ago I modified QtITK (from Insight Applications). I used:
> cmake 2.4 patch 2
> ITK 2.8.1
> Qt 4.1.4 (open source version)
> You could give it a check if it will still work.
> Hope it helps,
> Eliana

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