[Insight-users] Modality LUT transform with gdcmIO

Jesús Spí­nola jspinola at gmail.com
Fri Feb 23 04:20:26 EST 2007

> > I also have another question about the Photometric Interpretation. When
> > the image is of type MONOCHROME1 ( higher values are darker, lower
> > values are brighter ) does gdcm reverse the data to be MONOCHROME2 when
> > it's loaded to itk or it does nothing with the Photometric
> Interpretation?
> correct. Basically you can assume that GDCM will always do the
> conversion to the ITK model for you.

Is there a way to turn off this conversion, so MONOCHROME1 images keep being
MONOCHROME1 after loading to itkImage? That's because in the grayscale
pipeline defined by the DICOM standard sometimes you have to take into
account this attribute and sometimes not, it depends wheter you are applying
VOI luts, presentation states,....

> And I ask again, when a modality lut is present ( tag 0x0028,0x3000 ),
> > does gdcm apply it to the image?
> Well that's simply a bug. We have had some discussion in the past to
> support that, but we never did. So gdcm (itself) cannot handle those
> LUT. Since this is a fairly big task, could you please enter a bug in
> the bug tracker so we don't loose reference to this issue:
>      http://itk.org/Bug

It's done! :D

As a side note, you understand those datasets are for testing only. Are
> you actually dealing with such images in real life ?

Yes, I know they are only for testing and sometimes they reproduce very
unusual situatios, very strange in real life but if I want to carry out with
the DICOM standard I need to display correctly those test images. That's
because I'm preparing my application for the next connectathon in April.

Thanks for your support
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