[Insight-users] Watershed Behavior - ConnectedComponentImageFilter Bug?

Richard Beare richard.beare at gmail.com
Thu Feb 8 22:51:13 EST 2007

I agree - I've found the same problem and I'm trying to find more detail now.

On 2/9/07, Albert Huang <alberth+itk at ece.ubc.ca> wrote:
> Thanks Richard
> I've narrowed down the bug to the ConnectedComponentImageFilter in the code
> MorphologicalWatershedImageFilter.txx with input from
> RegionalMinimaImageFilter rmin. You can find both the rmin and the label
> outputs here:
>     http://www.ece.ubc.ca/~alberth/checker_debug/rmin.hdr
>     http://www.ece.ubc.ca/~alberth/checker_debug/rmin.img.gz
>     http://www.ece.ubc.ca/~alberth/checker_debug/label.hdr
>     http://www.ece.ubc.ca/~alberth/checker_debug/label.img.gz
> The RegionalMinimaImageFilter output seems reasonable (except for the
> signed/unsigned 32bit int viewer problem). The ConnectedComponentImageFilter
> output is not what one would expect.

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