[Insight-users] Compiling ITK with XCode

Karthik Krishnan karthik.krishnan at kitware.com
Tue Feb 6 19:45:19 EST 2007

What exactly is the issue. There are dashboards that build ITK every night
on Xcode.


Specifically see the dashboard script for atlantis.


I suspect you aren't using the XCode generator at all, CMake on OsX is
capable of generating both gcc makefiles and Xcode project files. I suspect,
you're doing the former. You need to Invoke cmake as

$ cd binDir
$ cmake -GXcode sourceDir

Or the
CMAKE_GENERATOR in your cache needs to read "Xcode"


On 2/6/07, AG <ag at wavemetrics.com> wrote:
> Greetings all,
> I am looking for pointers for compiling ITK code in XCode on Mac OS-X.
> I ran cmake followed by make on the distribution (without apparent
> errors).  I am having trouble compiling in XCode even the simple
> installation example (HelloWorld.cxx).  Ideally I'd like to compile
> ITK as a static library to be called from standard Carbon application.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> AG
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