[Insight-users] .zip file of Release 2.6.0 (March 15 2006) does not contain 2.6.0 but 2.5.0 !?

a.bongers at mediri.com a.bongers at mediri.com
Wed Mar 29 15:47:37 EST 2006


I downloaded the "Release 2.6.0 (March 15 2006)"   .zip (for windows)
from the itk homepage. When I configured the build with cmake the
ITKconfig.cmake showed a version number of 2.5.0 although all my paths
said 2.6.0
Does anybody know which version number to believe ?

I`ve been having some problems with the use of WRAPitk (which requires
2.6.0) with this release, so take care ! So probably you will have to
patch this file anyway... (didn't try yet ... this message is just to
save you some time....)


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