[Insight-users] How do you set up scripting of ITK, VTK and KWWidgets?

Karthik Krishnan Karthik.Krishnan at kitware.com
Fri Mar 3 14:00:02 EST 2006

Kent Williams wrote:

> I would like to do some rapid prototyping using TCL scripts, using the 
> ITK, VTK, and KWWidgets toolkits together.
> I've been spelunking mailing list archives, Kitware WIKIs, and such, 
> without finding any concise description of the best way to go about 
> doing this.  My understanding so far is that I will need:
> 1. ITK -- wrapped for TCL
> 2. VTK -- wrapped for TCL
> 3. KWWidgets -- wrapped for TCL
> 4. ConnectVTKITK
> What's not clear is how I'd go about putting these together in the TCL 
> environment -- can they all be loaded as packages? What environment 
> variables determine how the packages are found?
> There appear to be various examples that come with the various 
> toolkits that A) use VTK and ITK together or B) use VTK and KWWidgets 
> together, but nothing that closes the circle.


> I know that Slicer is an application that essentially does this, but 
> unless I'm missing something, it's never explained how it works. It's 
> embarrassing to have to ask, since I've been contributing code to 
> Insight for the past few years, but I've had my blinders on and 
> learned mostly about my little corner of ITK.
> Does anyone want to give it a go, or point me to an example that makes 
> it clear how to get everything configured together?
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