[Insight-users] Quesiton about registration in ITK

ask ITK askitk at gmail.com
Sun Feb 19 06:39:09 EST 2006


     After setting all the required information,  the itk registration
is started with
a single function StartRegistration().

Is there anyway for us to "change" the metric value during every
iteration from the

We can monitor the registration by looking at the metric value of
every iteration.
but can we modify the metric value before it is used to compute the
next iteration?

1st iteration, metric value = 0.7
2nd iteration, metric value = 0.8

can we modify the metric value such that before 2nd iteration,
its value become 0.75?
i.e. the optimzer will get a input of 0.75 instead of 0.7

Thanks a lot!

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