[Insight-users] motion correction results question

Mark Wyszomierski markww at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 13:30:03 EST 2006

Hi everyone,

I've been using some of the motion correction algorithms for some time with
contrast enhanced breast MRI cases. I'm specifically using registration
example 6 from build 2.0.0 (BSplineDeformableTransform) as an example. For
most cases it works very well. Every so often I do get some strange results.
I have included three links with small pictures showing the results of
registration of one image:

The stationary image:

The moving image:

The result after registration:

I'm just wondering what could cause such a distorted result. Is it a
characteristic of the image itself that causes this? Is the change in
contrast from stationary to moving image so great that it's really getting
thrown off pretty badly? Is there a way I can limit the search space for
registration, so that the algorithm knows not to stretch the image so far?

Thanks for any info,
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