[Insight-users] Stitching the image region backafter RegionOfInterestImageFilter

Miller, James V (Research) millerjv at crd.ge.com
Wed Mar 23 08:49:15 EST 2005

Another option is the PasteImageFilter


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Hi Quan,

One way is of achieving arbitrary padding use the ResampleImageFilter. 
See any of the examples in Examples/Filtering/Resample*.cxx. You can set 
your output size, start index, output origin, and background pixel value 


Quan Chen wrote:

> Hi, this might be a simple question but I havn't found a good solution 
> yet.  I am going to use RegionOfInterestImageFilter to extract a 
> region for processing, say canny edge detection.  However, after 
> processing, I want to display it with the original image in 
> fltkimageviewer.  It seems that the imageviewer requires the overlay 
> image the same size as the original image? So I would create a empty 
> image with the same size as the original image and fill the processed 
> region back in.  I could use iterators and fill in pixel by pixel.  I 
> am wondering if there is any filter designed already for this 
> purpose?  Or sth involving with /SetFixedImageRegion?/
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