[Insight-users] Re: problem with centered affine transform

Ashish Poddar ahpoddar at gmail.com
Fri Mar 18 01:12:30 EST 2005


I am performing a centered affine transformation using the
registration loop provided by the ITK Framework. I use a binary filter
initially to find out the transform parameters, and then apply those
transform parameters using BSplineInterpolation to the original 8-bit

I have attached 4 images with the mail with the description as under:

Fixed Image => the image i used as a fixed image which was basically
the MicroCT output

Moving Image => the moving image used in the registration loop which
was basically the Confocal Laser Microscopy image

output After registration => the image i got as the final output of
the registration process which was basically after applying the
calculated transform parameters to the original moving image.
[0.518344, 0.851203, 0.000686798, -0.797247, 0.65689, 0.00598433,
-0.0110877, -0.0147881, 0.999488, 99.2418, 102.206, 4.99588, 34.3667,
31.4991, 9.40764]

output with manual transform => the image i got by applying manual
transforms i.e. rotating the image by 300 degrees with center of
rotation same as that of registration output.
[0.377265, 0.648206, 0, -0.648206, 0.377265, 0, 0, 0, 0.75, 99.2418,
102.206, 4.99588, -200, 31.4991, 9.40764]

I have two questions in this case which I am unable to resolve...

1) i have to apply a translation of X=-200 to obtain the image in the
similar location though the registration output says it to be 34.3667
which it shows currectly..
2) there are some abnormal brightness spotted found in the image which
is the output of registration loop (Image 3) which is not there in
output with manual transform

If anyone can help me with these I wud appreciate it..
If there is any further information that is required in order to
resolve this problem, I will be happy to share it..


Ashish Poddar
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