[Insight-users] Reading and Writing DICOM images

Mathieu Malaterre mathieu.malaterre at kitware.com
Mon Mar 14 13:16:08 EST 2005

who is hxsham wrote:
> I am trying to read and write DICOM images in order to
> be able run ITK algorithms on them...
> the example supplied called
> DicomSeriesReadSeriesWrite.cxx does not work properly,
> the written images are distorted, and sometimes the
> files are not readable...
> I need a mechanism to read and write DICOM images and
> then use ITK for rotation, registration, etc...
> I am pretty desperate, I would appreciate any comments
> please...


	Could you specify the ITK version you are using ? ITK 2.0 comes with 
gdcm 0.6 which read pretty much all possible DICOM implementations. The 
CVS of ITK uses gdcm 1.0 which as far as I know only add support to some 
very rare DICOM files (fragmented DICOM).

	Would it be possible that you anonymize the DICOM files and send it to 
me ? To anonymize the DICOM file you need to use tools like hexedit or 
download gdcm and build the examples (there is a DICOM anonymiser).


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