[Insight-users] Re: ellipse detection

Luis Ibanez luis.ibanez at kitware.com
Sun Mar 13 13:27:13 EST 2005

Hi Radomir,

You may want to consider the following two options

A) Modify the classes for Circle Hough Transform
    in order to extend them for Ellipses

B) Use Model to Image registration, with an
    EllipseSpatialObject as a model.

Option (A) is better for the case where you
expect any number of ellipses anywhere in the image

Option (B) is better when you have some idea of
where in the image you can expect the ellipses to
be, and you have a rough estimation of their

For both cases, you will find information on the
ITK Software Guide




Radomir Skowron wrote:
> Dear Sir,
> I am a student of University of Science and Technology in Cracow 
> (Poland) and I am working on image segmentation, especially ellipse 
> detection. I found that ITK is capable of extracting such features as 
> lines, circles (with Hough transform). Is there a similar method for 
> ellipse detection implemented in ITK? Please propose some clue for this 
> problem,I mean, what should I do, where to look at, some ideas. 
> Especially, I would like to get the parameters of the ellipses found 
> (i.e. its radix and so on)  I am still very new to ITK but found it 
> very,very good solution.
> Best regards,
> Radomir Skowron

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