[Insight-users] memory management question

Julien Jomier jjomier at cs.unc.edu
Mon Mar 7 12:48:34 EST 2005

Hi Jens,

You can assign the image to a NULL pointer.
This should dereference the pointer and destroy the data.

It's always risky to change the reference count of smart pointers by hand.


Jens Eickmeyer wrote:
> Hi!
> Can anyone tell me how I can delete an object of type itkImage? I want
> to keep only a limited number of itkImage objects in memory and
> therefore I want to delete an object on purpose. I tried to use
> UnRegister() which successfully decreased the reference count and
> deleted the object. However, the methods IsNull() and IsNotNull()
> don't work on the smart pointer correctly after that. Additionally,
> since the itkImage is a member of an object I get a segmentation fault
> if the object is destroyed. Any help would be appreciated.
> Jens
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