[Insight-users] Volume Dataset - headsq in ITK VTK Example

alqatarneh at netscape.net alqatarneh at netscape.net
Fri Mar 4 15:32:00 EST 2005

Hi Luis, Hi all,

There is a dataset of HEADSQ Images (headsq.1, headsq.2,.... headsq.94)

that is used to demonstarte the example (InsightApplications/vtkITK/Scripts/DemoMutual.tcl).

I understand that the format of such data is different from the Quarter and Half Headsq data as pointed out in the ReadMe:
"Warning: this dataset has a connectivity bit set (unlike the half and
quarter resolution cases). Set the data mask in vtkVolume16Source to
mask out the high-order bit."

Can someone tell me how to produce similar format to the HEADSQ.n format from my own images?

I searched quite alot but I found most info available is mostly about the Headsq Quarter dataset.

Thank you very much in advance!


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