[Insight-users] itKImageIOBase.cxx and DTI images

Luis Ibanez luis.ibanez at kitware.com
Wed Mar 2 20:48:26 EST 2005

Hi Bing,

Thanks for pointing this out.

We just entered this issue as Bug # 1639 in the BugTracker

and committed a fix into the CVS repository.

We added Vector<> and CovariantVectors for 5,6 and 7

Please update your CVS checkout and let us know if
that works for you, or you need additional dimension.

Please not that we will be adding support for Tensor
pixel type to ITK in the very near future. In particular
Gordon Kindlman is adding support to the NRRD file format
for facilitating to read and write DTI images.

You may find interesting to look at the DTI discussions
at the NAMIC Wiki page:




Bing Jian wrote:

> Hi,
>     I have written some code for diffusion tensor image
> processing. The DT- image is represented by a vector-
> valued image, with pixel type Vector <T,n> where T
> can be float/double and n can be 6/7 or even more. Though
> the algorithms are quite complicated, the program works fine for me 
> (thanks to the great ITK). However, in order to make the code 
> compilable, I have to add above types into the 
> Code/IO/itkImageIOBase.cxx. Could you add these imagetypes to the itk 
> repository, so my coworkers and I can simply update
> our local itk version to get supports of those imagetypes, and thus do 
> not need to worry about changing the itk sourcefile locally?
>      Many thanks in advance!

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