[Insight-users] Segfault after StartRegistration

Kevin H. Hobbs kevin.hobbs.1 at ohiou.edu
Mon Aug 22 22:14:46 EDT 2005

On Mon, 2005-08-22 at 19:12 -0400, Luis Ibanez wrote:
> Hi Kevin,
> Are you sure that the program Segfaulted ?

Yes, right after printing my little "Got Here" it prints "Segmentation

> and not "Aborted" ( abort is what happens when an exception is
> trhown and not catched)
> Did you run the program in a debugger ?
Just did and I think I see what I did wrong:
1. The first line it has trouble with is in the observer:
	std::cout << optimizer->GetValue() << "   ";

2. The observer has:
	typedef itk::RegularStepGradientDescentOptimizer     OptimizerType;
   While main() has the swap I made:
	typedef itk::AmoebaOptimizer       OptimizerType;

> Did you got any output from some initial iterations before
> the problem appeared ? or did this happen during the computation
> of the first iteration.

It dies the first time in the observer before any output from

I swapped both typedefs but it still segfaults before printing the first
iteration.  I'll try to find that one later.
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